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We Are Hiring: Strategic Business Assistance (SBA)

In supporting all those efforts, AMF has placed a business strategic supervisor to design initiatives that are in line with the organization’s mission, develop a strategic framework for business entities and as strategic quality control in programs and projects that are currently being implemented. Therefore, in supporting the effectiveness and quality of output with high standards, technical assistants are needed who will support the performance of the Business Strategic Supervisor.


The objective of SBA is to assist Business Strategic Supervisor in delivering a high-quality business strategy, initiative design, program output and pursue sustainable impacts in accordance with the priority of the sustainable development agenda.

SBA scope of work includes:

  1. Adapting strategic concepts in a more technical framework as directed by Business Strategic Supervisor
  2. Strengthening strategic design by reviewing approaches and methodologies together with the Business Strategic Supervisor.
  3. Reviewing published reports, journals, working papers and other literature reviews to support the development of strategic designs and other relevant objectives according to the direction of the Strategic Business Supervisor
  4. Carry out technical arrangements to support strategic business outputs, milestones and deliverables
  5. Conduct field visits to make observations, data collection, coordination with key stakeholders and other relevant purpose.


The assignment period is from July 2021-January 2022.


  1. Educational background on Economic Development, Economic Science, Agricultural Economic, Planology and other similar fields. (final-year students are eligible to apply).
  2. Strong attention to detail
  3. Proactive and collaborative